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Posted: October 26, 2015

Posted: October 15, 2015

Posted: October 15, 2015

Journal #2 Due November 6
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Posted: September 30, 2015

Quiz 1 will be October 1st. It will cover the 4 PowerPoint Presentations located on this website.

Posted: September 29, 2015

Posted: September 27, 2015

Quiz 1 Secptember 28th.Assignment due September 27th. 

Posted: September 27, 2015

La Ploye was due September 25.First Quiz will be September 30th.Journal is due October 7th

Posted: September 27, 2015

All sections of core technology skills on should be finished by October 2 as we will be starting new modules by October 5th.Marks will be taken off if not handed in by October 7th.

Posted: September 21, 2015

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