! 2018 High Altitude Weather Balloon



May 1st - Journal Entry #1


Our project is related to the High Altitude Weather Balloon. We started this project with a broad idea of what to do so we can achieve the goal that we were given -- sending live information from the balloon to a cellular device.  We are using devices such as the Raspberry Pi 3, an Arduino UNO board, two GPRS/GSM modules, the Sense Hat, and SparkFun kits containing Arduino temperature sensors.  

We were trying to use the Sense Hat along with the Raspberry Pi but ran into a problem regarding the connection between the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino hardware and software.  Now we have decided to diverge from the Raspberry Pi and delve into adding a unique feature for the balloon -- live information feed using just the Arduino and the GPRS/GSM module through SMS.  For this, we need to use Arduino like we have used in our first project

Thus far, we have mainly researched what parts and code we will use to achieve the live information feed to a cellphone.  At first, we thought that we only had the Sense Hat to measure the temperature at our disposal, but now we realize that there is a temperature sensor for Arduino. Things are looking hopeful.

As of now, we are experimenting with the Arduino and the DHT11 Temperature Sensor to test the accuracy of its readings.  So far, we can tell that the simple code from the SparkFun kit has not been giving the right temperature readings, which is the only problem we've come across so far.  To fix it, we plan to find a different code that can run with the parts we have with better accuracy.




May 1st - Project Proposal