Mr. Cameron Notes

From one classroom to another!


All of Mr. Cameron`s classes (FI Modern History 112, FI Ancient History 10 and FI Phys Ed 10) can be found using Microsoft Teams. Here is what you need to do:

A) follow the instructions in your student e-mail.  You should have received a notice that you were added to a Team.


B) If you  haven't worked with Teams before:

Step 1 - Download Microsoft Teams on your computer or your phone (it's free!)

Step 2 - Open the app and log in using your student username and password from school. When it asks for your username you must type out the whole username .... example:

Your password is the same as the one you use in the computer lab (hopefully you remember it, if not, I`ve attached a link explaining how to go about resetting it)

Step 3 - Locate the class - you should see your class appear as I have already added you to the virtual classroom. Take a look at the different tabs in the class. You should see one called "FIles". In there is an introductory video of the course as a Home Learning course, along with all of the PDFs discussed in the video.

If you have issues getting in, email me at

See you in Microsoft Teams!

Posted: October 7, 2019

Here are the links to the election day employment opportunities:

Description of Positions Available:


Online application:


The Returning Officer said that if you apply online, you should also send them an email at the following address so that they are aware you are students.  They want to be able to employ as many students as possible.

or phone at: 1-866-207-0282


1 et 2 juin:  test-guerre froide

6 juin: 1 projet regulier (7 points + parti creative 1821-1989)

8 juin -projet final

Posted: February 1, 2010

Period 1: F.I. Social Studies 9 Period 2: F.I World Issues 120 Period 4: FI World Issues 120 Period 6:  FI Phys Ed 9 *** Phys Ed classes are kept up to date via the facebook group "Cameron Physed Classes 2015"***Please have yourself added to this group. Parents are welcome to join as well.