Mr. Cameron

From one classroom to another!

All of Mr. Cameron`s classes (FI Modern History 112, FI Ancient History 10 and FI Phys Ed 10) can be found using Microsoft Teams. Here is what you need to do:

A) follow the instructions in your student e-mail.  You should have received a notice that you were added to a Team.


B) If you  haven't worked with Teams before:

Step 1 - Download Microsoft Teams on your computer or your phone (it's free!)

Step 2 - Open the app and log in using your student username and password from school. When it asks for your username you must type out the whole username .... example:

Your password is the same as the one you use in the computer lab (hopefully you remember it, if not, I`ve attached a link explaining how to go about resetting it)

Step 3 - Locate the class - you should see your class appear as I have already added you to the virtual classroom. Take a look at the different tabs in the class. You should see one called "FIles". In there is an introductory video of the course as a Home Learning course, along with all of the PDFs discussed in the video.

If you have issues getting in, email me at

See you in Microsoft Teams!

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FI Mod Hist 112 Test- Indust. Rev-Civ. War- Confederation
FI An Hist 10 test- Egypt pharaohs and Daily Life
FI Mod Hist 112 test: Absolutism-Am Rev-Fr Rev-Napoleon
FI Mod Hist 112 Project Outline 1400-1821