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Posted: September 30, 2019

See last page for Assigned questions and answers.

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Posted: September 27, 2019

Notes attached on surface area of pyramids, cones and spheres. Also, SA of Composite Objects.  Do the circled questions on the two sheets.  If you need more practice, do some of the others.

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Posted: September 25, 2019

Homework - Finish Sheet (all 8) on Area and do the conversions as indicated as well as sheet on Surface area + conversions.  (Questions 1-7, 16)

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Posted: September 24, 2019

Calculating area and converting to different units.  Remember to square the converter.

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Posted: September 23, 2019

Quiz on Tuesday, September 24th on conversions.

Posted: September 18, 2019

Homework on last three pages of pdf file.

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Posted: September 17, 2019

Conversions between SI and Imperial.  Homework - Sheet on Conversions (See last page of Notes).  Use your orange conversion handout.

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Posted: September 11, 2019

Homework - Word problems from textbook (Photocopied on a sheet).  Questions 1-6 and 8.

Posted: September 10, 2019

Homework - two sheets on conversions.  Watch the video on the Factor Label Method.

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Posted: September 9, 2019

GMF 10

A video to demonstrate how to convert fron one set of units to another using appropriate conversions factors.