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Posted: April 27, 2020

Grade 9, The Outsiders - Chapter 2 part 2

This is Chapter 2 part 2 of The Outsiders by Mrs. Mac, enjoy!

Posted: April 27, 2020

Grade 9, The Outsiders - Chapter 2 part 1

This is Chapter 2 Part 1 of The Outsiders read by Ms. Mac, enjoy!

Posted: April 27, 2020

Grade 9, Week 4, The Outsiders Chapter 2

This is our class page where work and documents are shared! Check it out. 

Posted: April 24, 2020

The Contender Chapter 2, Reading

I will post Chapter 2 on Wednesday so the remainder of the questions can be answered. 

PDF icon the_contender_chapter_1-2.pdf60.62 KB

Posted: April 20, 2020

Period 1 & 5, 113- English. Chapter 1, The Contender read by Ms. Lynch

This is a pre-reading activity. Complete before listening to me read the first chapter

We will be reading The Contender by Robert Lipsyte, here is a biography of the author

File robert_lipsyte_biography.docx16.36 KB



We will be doing the novel The Outsiders by SE Hinton

Start with the anticipation guide, followed by listening to chapter 1, followed by chapter 1 questions.  Please answer in complete sentences.

We will discuss the novel during the week on Teams


The link to chapter 1.

The Outsiders, By S.E Hinton,  Anticipation Guide (to be done before listening to chapter 1) 

PDF icon outsiders_anticipation_guide.pdf75.93 KB



Period 1 & 5, 113- English. Chapter 1 & 2, The Contender Questions
Period 1 & 5- 113 English, Week 3 Pre- Reading The Contender
Period 1&5 113 English, Week 3- Pre- Reading Robert Lipsyte Biography
Grade 9 English, Period 3 &4, Home Learning Week 3

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