Ms. Tozer

I miss you all very much!

Posted: April 6, 2020

I want to let my students know that I miss you all very much! I hope you are staying inside and staying safe. :)

At the beginning of each week, I will be attaching assignments and activities for each of my classes to do that week. Attached below, there are assignments/activities for:

  • Period 1: Dramatic Arts 110
  • Period 2: English 10
  • Period 3: English 113
  • Period 5: Science 10

All of the instructions are in each attachment. Please email me anytime at if you have any questions!

Posted: April 6, 2020

My email address is - you can email me anytime!

Please follow the instructions in the attachment below in order to access your student email. 

Posted: April 6, 2020

Here are some pictures of Scrunchie. Hopefully they make you smile!

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Added: Mon, Apr 6 2020