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MATH HELP... Tuesday's at 12:30 - 1:00 & Wednesday's at 3:30 - 4:30


Check out what was happening in the Greenhouse this past semester thanks to Jayden, Greg and Connor...
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Here is the link to Zach's video on clearcutting...also planted a tree in this one with some great theme music! 
Check out Brittany's desciptive story...
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Check out Christan's summary of bass fishing on the Miramichi...
Check out Zach, Brittany and Greg's lessons that they did with Reading Tutor this semester for our Chinese exchange students...
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Posted: June 3, 2015

Check out the sure to use old test and reviews to get ready for the exam.Tomorrow:  Bring any materials to review and/or work on EcoPointsFriday:  We will discuss solutions to tests along with exam formatNOTE:  EcoPoint Inventories are due tomorrow...all activities must be completed by Friday (unless permission is given)
Groups that presented today...-  The is Something Fishy Going On (Zach, Jayden, Kelsea)-  Current and Long Term Effects of Global Warming (Kelsey Savoie) 
Groups that presented today...-  Resource Depletion (Andrew, Erinn, Greg)-  Populations (Connor, David, Brittany)-  Stiped Bass & Salmon Population (Christan) The last group will now present on Wednesday as tomorow is the Awards Ceremony.REMINDER:  EcoPoint Inventories are now due Thursday in class.  All activities must be completed by Friday (unless permission is given during exam week)
Many thanks to Holly Labadie and Mr. Svarc for helping out with today's lab.  Be sure to check out our pictures and get some ecopoints with your own video/pictures.  Reminder we are going to the Miramichi Salmon Assoication tomorrow for the NSER Fly Fishing Symposium!HOMEWORK:  External Anatomy must be labeled and passed in on Monday
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Presentations start on is the order that was drawn in class today:Group #1 - Resource DepletionGroup #2 - PopulationsGroup #3 - AquacultureNOTE:  If we do not have time to do all 3 in class on #3 will do it on Wednesday since the Awards Ceremony is on Tuesday.   Tomorrow we will be doing the Salmon/Smolt dissection...MSA Biologist Holly Labadie with be with us!  Meet in classroom first so we can go over the plan for the lab.
Format...-  Introduction-  Individual presentation of topic-  Activity-  Conclusions/SummaryGroups of 3:  18 - 22 minutesGroup of 4:  20 - 25 minutes
Today we decided to experience fly fiishing by going outside to do some casting at targets.  Reminder that Tuesday and Wednesday we are back in the library to complete the presentations.  The salmon dissection will happen on Thursday and Friday we are off to the Miramichi Salmon Association...also relesing our Salmon Fry along the way!
Aquaculture Group:-  Kelsea...Land vs Net Base Salmon Farming-  Jayden...Genetically Modified Salmon-  Zach...Genetically Modified Food Populations Group: -  David...Atlantic Salmon-  Connor...Honeybees-  Brittany...Animals in Captivity Resource Depletion Group:-  Erinn...Agriculture-  Greg...Pollution-  Kelsey...Global Warming-  Andrew...Desertification