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Foundations of Math 11 & Intro. to Environmental Science 120


Posted: January 30, 2015

5 Points - follow us on Twitter @MVHSEnvSci AND shout at us what you are looking forward to in this course
-  discussed the 2 waves of environmentalism-  local vs regional vs global issues 
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Posted: January 29, 2015

-  Discussed procedures and expectations.-  Discussed course outline.-  Discussed 'What is Environmental Science?'HOMEWORK:  Simon Says Exercise
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Posted: January 16, 2015

Be sure to use this Jeopardy as a way to review for the exam...thanks to Candace, Devan, Chantal and Chelsea for the effort :) GOOD LUCK ON ALL YOUR EXAMS!
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Posted: January 14, 2015

Reminder that eco-point activities must be submitted along with inventory sheet by TOMORROW!  We will begin exam review after the last presentation tomorrow...bring your CORRECTED tests from Unit 1 & 2.  We will be doing a Jeopardy review on Friday :)

Posted: January 13, 2015

Discussion of Exam...see attached review!  Reminder that presentations are to be ready for tomorrow and ThursdayEco-Point Activities must be completed by Thursday (unless arrangements have been made).Thursday (2nd half of class) we will look at old tests and Friday we will be doing some Review Jeopardy! 
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Posted: January 12, 2015

Last day to complete presentations!  Order is as follows...Tuesday:  Group #1 - Ryan, Kaitlyn, Cassandra, DavidWednesday:  Group #2 - Tyrone, Cody, Candace, Devan                    Group #3 - Caleb, Brooke, Chantal, ChelseaThursday:  Group #4 - Meagan Holmes, Megan Hare*  Tomorrow will be the beginning of Exam Review 

Posted: January 9, 2015

LIBRARY DAY - planning for presentation and/or ecopoint activities REMINDERS... -  ecopoint inventories were due TODAY with listed activities you plan to complete (must be complete by next Friday)    *  Can be sent by email []; copied onto computer desktop folder or passed into Ecopoint Folder. -  Monday you will have access to a classroom to practice your presentation.  We will also draw for order of presentations. -  Tuesday and Wednesday will be presentation days...ALL members must be present and be ready with neccessary items.    * When not presenting you will be involved with the group's activity and doing some peer scoring. -  Thursday will be Exam Review...bring your two unit tests. -  Friday Exam Review Help and Jeopardy Review Questions.

Posted: January 8, 2015

LIBRARY DAY...  preparing for presentation and/or eco-point activities.

Posted: January 8, 2015

LIBRARY DAY...  preparing for presentation, working on lesson plan and/or eco-point activities.

Posted: January 8, 2015

Today we discussed the organization to the presentation...groups, content, organization.Passed back research papers and scoring rubrics.  Check out the following rubric that will be used for the presentation...

Posted: December 19, 2014

ECO-CHALLENGE PROJECT...Reminders Research Paper [Due TODAY] - If you are late, you must send it to me electronically (deduct 10% per day).                                                             E-mail...   Group Presentation - see note below for your group. We will be working on this starting today and continue to work on it when we return after the break. Presentations will be on January 13 & 14th...order to be decided on Monday, Jan. 12th.   Eco-Point Activities - inventory sheets will be collected on Friday, Jan. 9th.  All activities must be completed by Friday, Jan. 16th unless other arrangements have been made with Mr. Hallihan.

Posted: December 17, 2014

LAB - Fish Dissection Many thanks to Holly Labadie (Biologist with Miramichi Salmon Association) for helping us out with the lab today.  Also thanks to Cooke Aquaculture for providing two adult salmon and smolts for dissecting.  Check out the attached lesson for those of you who missed the lab.  Must pass in labelled fish diagram showing the external anatomy by Friday. Reminder of what needs to be done this week... 1)  People still owe their library plan from Monday (was due on Tuesday) 2)  Labelled salmon scale from lab on Tuesday (due today) 3)  Labelled salmon showing external anatomy (due by Friday) 4) RESEARCH PAPER (due tomorrow...Friday if there is a storm day) *  Those who were schedule to an elementary class tomorrow - we will reschedule until after the New Year if there is a storm day.  
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Posted: December 16, 2014

Finished Lab on the Salmon Scale...must complete handout and pass in tomorrow! Discussed research paper...use 'reference' tab in Microsoft Word to create work cited page and insert citations. Read Lab on Dissection of Smolt for tomorrow!  Anyone intersted in dissecting the Adult Salmon we will be doing this during Independent Study - go to the Biology Lab.
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Posted: December 16, 2014

Shale Gas & Oil Transportation #1 - Brandon, Megan Hare, Meagan Holmes Shale Gas & Oil Transportation #2 - Cassandra, Ryan, David, Katelyn Salmon Population & ISA - Caleb, Chantal, Chelsea, Brooke Species at Risk & Deforestation - Candace, Devan, Tyrone, Cody NOTES:  Presentation Needs...   Introduction                                                 Individual Topics                                                 Activity (5 minutes max)                                                 Closing/Summary                                                 *  20 - 25 minutes in length