Mr. Hallihan Notes

MATH HELP... Tuesday's at 12:30 - 1:00 & Wednesday's at 3:30 - 4:30


Read through the case study and answer each of the given questions.  MUST be completed by the end of class and will be collected.* If you are absent, get a copy and do on your own!
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CHeck out the following links for more information on the program...many thanks to Bonnie Wright and Betty Ward for the work they do in our District!  
-  be sure to get the notes and check out the videos! 
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-  send me links to video clips showing either competition and/or predation amongst species.Email  5 ecopoints each up to a max of 4. 
-  be sure to get notes on these interactions.-  passed back marked items including:  biome brochure, owl pellet lab, graphic organizer and ecopoint check.-  Fish Friends will be here on Thursday.
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Posted: March 19, 2015

  REMINDERS...the following is DUE BY THE END OF CLASS TODAY!   ·       Graphic Organizer #1 & EcoPoint Inventory (extended from Mar. 19th deadline) ·       Owl pellet lab report ·       This library summary plan is to be done TODAY at the the end of class!
Today use the hot glue guns to piece back your species...lab is due tomorrow!
- check out videos-  lab is included...due on Thursday with Graphic Organizer and EcoPoint Inventory
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Posted: March 13, 2015

-  check out web we did together.-  finish off the notes on feeding relationship.-  discussed lab on owl pellets (doing this Monday).-  clebrated with some Pre PI Day Trivia!
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-  be sure to get the notes on feeding relationships.-  check out cool video on 'How Wolves Changed A River'.Reminder that Biome Brochure is due Monday!
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Posted: March 11, 2015

We spent the class using the computers in the Library to begin working on the Biome Brochure.  See attached assignment for details on creating you Biome Brochure.  Everyone was assigned a biome unless you were absent...(Erinn - Tundra).  Make sure to include all the required information! DUE:  Monday (must be sent through email if you want a colored version)
-  reviewed yesterday's notes...levels of organization for LIFE (4 in total) and ECOLOGICAL (7 in total)-  notes on coniferous vs deciduous forests-  discussed Biome Brochure Assignment (tomorrow will be working on in this in the library)-  ecosystems and habitat-  checked out GeoNB to look at aerial NB
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Earth Hour - Saturday, March 28th Sportsman Show - Saturday, March 28th Fly Fishing & Sportsman Show - Saturday, April 11thEarth Day - Wednesday, April 22nd*  Be involved, promote or come up with an activity for any of the above events...ECOPOINTS! 
-  levels of organization for life (see notes)-  1 organ systems (see notes)-  levels of ecological organization (see notes)-  video on Biosphere 2 (check out video) 
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-  passed back check and correct your mistakes!-  passed out Graphic Organizer #1:  Position - Topic                                                      Reasons - History, Pros, Cons                                                      Defending Details - information on eachUpcoming Deadlines...1)  March 19 - Graphic Organizer descripive and include references2)  March 19 - EcoPoint Check...75 points complete and/or attempted*  Must include details on projects that are ongoing!
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