Mr. Hallihan Notes

MATH HELP... Tuesday's at 12:30 - 1:00 & Wednesday's at 3:30 - 4:30


-  work on research paper...begin putting it togther [Due May 19th]-  work on ecopoint activities
-  checked out  also checked on #EarthDay activity on Twitter-  discussed adaptions of the Atlantic Salmon...see slideshow-  watched video on Live Release from ASF-  given ASF Journal and discussed importance of conserving the species 
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-  promoted Earth Day 2015, which is tomorrow, by showing Greg's Promotional Video.-  reviewed yesterday's lesson on passion behind Miramichi River.-  celebrated the Heritage of the Miramichi through writings and photos.-  more in depth understanding of Atlantic Salmon Life Cycle.Be sure to check out Charlie's Heritage Video and wear green tomorrow for Earth Day!
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-  discussed my passion for the Miramichi River and its ecology.-  discussed life cycle of the salmon* NOTE:  Wednesday is great to have some promotional videos for the school.  Check out their website for ideas - ECOPOINTS!
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Posted: April 17, 2015

Be sure to think about ecopoint activities with the nice weather!  Reminder that Earth Day is April 22nd...what can we do to promote this event at MVHS?  What can we do to celebrate as a class?  What activities can be done?  Check out their website...

Posted: April 16, 2015

Reminder of deadlines...TODAY:  Ecopoint inventories & Graphic Organizer #2 checkpointsTOMORROW:  Unit 2 Test*  Pass in ecopoint activities with inventory sheet and/or save on my desktop nif electronic
Brittany, Zach and Greg recently did a lesson on adaptations for the Reading Tutor class...check it out!
-  discussed Snow Goose Case Study (see solutions within lesson)-  went over solutions to crossword and review questions (see solutions within lesson)-  discussed next unit...Ecology of the Miramichi Watershed!
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Many thanks to Tony for giving us his presentation today (see attached).  Loads of information that you may be able to use for ecopoints and/or research paper/presentation.  Test is now moved to Friday...go over review questions tomorrow and library on Thursday to finish up graphic organizer #2 and ecopoint check #2 (due on Thusrday after class).
Finish the review given last notes, review questions and terminology crossword.  We will go over this on Thursday and Unit Test will be on Friday!
- get notes on 7 levels of risk accorinding to COSEWIC.- check out the websites and videos in the lesson.- test will be next week...
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Be sure to get the notes on...-  Water cycle (must know all terms)-  Carbon cycle (must know all terms)-  Phosphorus (know where it is found)-  Nitrogen (know where it is found)-  Also discussed environmental issues like nuclear radiation.
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Reminder that next checkpoint is on April 16th...graphic organizer #2 and inventories showing at least 150 ecopoints!

Posted: April 1, 2015

-  be sure to get notes...nutrient cycles and water/carbon/nitrogen/phosphorus cycles 
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-  be sure to get the notes...3 types of pyramids with notes on each.-  read about the pyramid of energy.-  did a virtual lab...will do another tomorrow.
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