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MATH HELP... Tuesday's at 12:30 - 1:00 & Wednesday's at 3:30 - 4:30


Reminder that we will be in the computer lab tomorrow to work on your research topic.  Bring any need notes/files/resources and do some research on your own! Reminder that 75 Eco-points due on March 19...look for ideas on this homepage and in the course outline!
-  check out today's lesson to check/correct the reviews given yesterday.*  TEST is on THURSDAY (whether there is a storm day or not tomorrow!)
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-  reviewed notes/definitions from Friday-  completed online activity on adaptations-  watched video on Darwin's Finches-  checked out the 'Evolution Revolution' songHOMEWORK:  Test will be Thursday...come up with a review, complete given questions & crossword
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-  read biography of Charles Darwin-  be sure to get the notes!-  discussed the terminology
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-  discussed findings from Easter Island video.-  discussed populations...influences, advancements, impact on environment.*  Be sure to check out the notes-  intro to next lesson...evolution and adaptations
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-  we discussed the article on Easter Island (was suppose to be read for today)-  watched sure to check it out by clicking on link if you are absent today.-  will discuss video tomorrow.
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Posted: February 12, 2015

5 Eco-Points... Max 4.Sign up for a newsletter to get information on current issues.  For example...Atlantic Salmon Federation: Wildlife Federation: Unlimited Canada:*  Or another group of your choice - print off an email and/or confirmation email.
-  reviewed main concepts from yesterday's lab.Population = Population Denisty x AreaA = P(1+r)^n-  make sure to get notes from the lessonHomework:  1)  Lab report is due on Monday                   2) Read article on Easter Island (see attached lesson)
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-  see lesson for lab procedure and questions.* MUST DO DURING IS IF YOU WERE ABSENT TODAY!-  one lab report must be passed in per group.-  link to website for #7 is included in the lesson.DUE:  Monday - First of class!
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-  discussed ethical consumerism.-  discussed populations and population growth.-  checked out Stats Canada for some statistics with populations
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10 EcoPointsCheck out the following website and answer the questions to create your own ecologogical footprint (same as the one we did together in class..choose the detailed version).  Print off results (or capture the image to tweet or send in an email).
-  discussed what an Ecological Footprint actually records.-  did one together...check out results.-  watched the 'Story of Stuff' project.-  watched part 5 from National Geographic Human Footprint series.-  discussed how we can change our ecological footprint.
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-  check out the list of top topics that I have for suggestions.-  be sure to take advantage of the available resources for researching a topic!-  complete your librray plan and pass in on Monday.
-  read article 'Why Fuss About Fracking'-  checked out videos on process and a song!-  discussed other issues in preparation for tomorrow's library day.
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-  watched Lorax (1972 Dr. Seuss version).-  discussed themes/issues from film.-  reviewed points of view (anthro vs bio vs ecocentric)Check out our new logo...
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