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Foundations of Math 11 & Intro. to Environmental Science 120


Posted: June 2, 2014

We worked on any upcoming eco-point activities... HOMEWORK:  Inventories are due on Monday NOTE:  Remaining presenters be ready for Monday!
We worked on eco-point activities and then attended the Awards Cermony.

Posted: May 28, 2014

Good job for all those who presented today...more informed on Fracking and Oil Transportation! Reminder that tomorrow bring some stuff to work on eco-point activities and then you will be attending the Awards Ceremony.  We need help getting fish ready to be transported on Friday...starting at 7:45 - help would be appreciated!!!Last presentations will be on Monday...  Group #1:  Taylor Jennings, Makayla Newman, Aidan Boudreau and Myles Messer  and Presenter #2:  Jacob Smith

Posted: May 27, 2014

Job well done for both groups who presented today...very informative!  Here are the groups that need to be ready for tomorrow... Group #1:  Zach Adams, Sereena Rambaran, Devan Sharma and Bryson Savard Group #2:  Rebecca Matheson, Brianne McKay, Julia Augustine and Kaitlyn King
Tomorrow presentations will begin.  Groups involved include:  Group #1 - Sarah Martin, Emily Dawson, Alyssa Knight and Chase CorcoranGroup #2 - Zach Legere, Justine Girouard, Jonathan Ginnish and Jared MullinIf there is any photocopying needed email me the attachment...I will print a class set. 
Monday will be the last library day to complete presentations and they will begin on Tuesday.HOMEWORK:  Presentation and eco-points...PASS IN LAB COMPONENT!

Posted: May 22, 2014

We were in the lab doing a smolt dissection.  Thanks goes out to Alex Parker (MSA Biologist) for taking the time to help us with this lab and share his expertise.  He also brought along some Atlantic Sturgeon, which we dissected at the end of class adn during IS.  We will be in the library again tomorrow to work on the upcoming presentations. HOMEWORK:  Pass in labeled external anatomy for the salmon (due first of class)
We spent today in our groups preparing for next week's presentations.  Be sure to check the updated schedule.  I have attached the lab that we will be doing with Alex Parker from MSA tomorrow.  Be sure to have it completely read! HW:  Read lab and work on presentation NOTE:  Those who have not passed in your research paper...10 % per day!
PDF icon lab_-_dissection_of_a_smolt_1.pdf368.07 KB
Today we drew groups for presentation times next week...see previous post for details and the scoring rubric.  Also discussed solutions to our last test.  We will be in the library tomorrow to work on the presentation.

Posted: May 16, 2014

Last opportunity to work on research paper and ask questions...due on Tuesday first of class!
We checked out Zach's video on the salmon scale lab and Sereena's DIY lab presentation...both have been posted.  Today we discussed the structure of the river and the factors that influence fish migration.  Be sure to get the 4 classifications of water currents found in a river.  Included rubric being used to mark your research paper...HOMEWORK:  In computer lab tomorrow so bring materials to work on research paper/eco-point activities
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Posted: May 15, 2014

Thanks to Sereena for sharing this 'Do-It'Yourself' lab...the edible water bottle.  Be sure to check out her video link in the end...
File edible_water_bottles.pptx1.69 MB
Reviewed notes that were given on Friday.  Also discussed presentation done in Ocean Science on Atlantic Salmon:  Life Cycle, Anatomy, Adaptations and Populations.  Be sure to check it out! Discussed the idea of Stewardship and its value to the environment.HOMEWORK:  Work on paper & eco-points
PDF icon env._sci._120_per._4_-_may_14.pdf1.86 MB
We discussed the background information on the lab.  In the lab, we looked at two different scales and tried to age the fish.  Be sure to do PART B of the lab!Homework:  Part B due at beginning of class
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Posted: May 12, 2014

Continued working on research paper and eco-point activities.  Presentation groups were also announced.  Groups interested in doing a lesson at an elementary school were formed...will take place the week of June 2 - 5th. Reminder of upcoming deadlines... May 20th - Research paper is due May 26th - Presentations will begin June 2 - Ecopoint inventories are due