Mr. Hallihan Notes

MATH HELP... Tuesday's at 12:30 - 1:00 & Wednesday's at 3:30 - 4:30


Posted: May 19, 2015

Inventories must be passed in on June 1...activties must be complete by June 5 (unless permission is given to finish during exam week).
-  invertebrate classification-  connection to fly tying-  discussion of presentations...see rubric
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-  be sure to proofread & edit before submitting on Tuesday!
-  12 font Times New Roman-  Double spaced with a title page-  MLA referencing (use reference tab within word)-  Work Citied page (at least 5 references)-  4 to 5 pages in length DUE ON TUESDAY, MAY 20
-  migration of salmon-  videos on smolt studies and salmon behaviors-  google earth tour of MIramichi Watershed
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-  characteristics of a healthy river-  water temp and pH-  restoration efforts-  scientific studies-  river enhancements-  Miramichi Salmon Association Programs
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-  reviewed watershed terminology & names from last week.-  discussed water current, streambed structures and water flow.-  reading the water.
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Many thanks for Tim presenting on Ancient Native Portage Trails today for us as well as Mr. Watters Outdoor Pursuits.  Any students that want to experience these trails be sure to take some videos/pictures and share them with us!  For more information check out this site...
Reminder that research paper is due Tuesday, May 19th.  Here is the format...-  4 to 5 pages-  double spaced-  Times New Roman 12 font-  MLA format (make use of reference tab within word for citations and work cited)-  title page (title, name, course, date, teacher)-  must have at least 5 references
We were glad to have Linwood Dunham from NBCC Miramichi Environmental Technology program in to present to the class.  Very interesting discussion around environmental issues, industry and NBCC programs.  Many thanks!
-  reviewed salmon scale lab and age determination.-  began talking about watersheds...stewardship, freshwater and terminologies.-  stats on Miramichi Watershed.*  Be sure to get the notes! 
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We were pleased to have Morris Green and his wife Peggy with us on Monday to share stories from his latest book '160 Years of Salmon Storie'.  This book highlights all of the inductees into the Atantic Salmon Hall of Fame.  He did a great job explaining the significance of each story and why our past is a treasure.  Be sure to check it out...  
-  completed the PowerPoint on species of fish-  discussed reading a salmon scale-  be sure to complete the labeling of a salmon scale (pass in tomorrow beginning of class)
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-  predators of different stages of growth to Atlantic Salmon-  Striped Bass-  Other species of fish (check out PowerPoint)
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-  we watched a video showcasing the heritage of the MIramichi and Restigouche through the show Fly Nation.-  link is in the lesson.
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