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Posted: November 9, 2012

The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada and Abbott Canada offer seven, one-time scholarships valued up to $5,000 to students living with IBD who are entering a post-secondary institution.  Further information is available at
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Posted: November 9, 2012

Value: $1,000-$5,000 (and one award valued up to $25,000 and three awards valued up to $50,000)   Criteria:  Specified minumum grade average.  Works part-time an average of 15 hours per week.  Demonstrated participation in community services and/or co-curricular activities.  Demonstrated financial need.  Awards are also available to children of employees.   Deadline:  Second week of January   Website:
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The Board of Directors of Alcool NB Liquor seeks to support First Nations students enrolled in a program to obtain their first post-secondary accreditation.  The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to provide financial support and an incentive for First Nations students.   2 Scholarships may be awarded to First Nations Students at MVHS. Each scholarship is valued at $1250.   See attachment for details and application guidelines or talk to Mr. Landry in the Guidance office. is recognizing and rewarding the exceptional accomplishments of students in the following 6 categories: Leadership Arts, Culture & Recreation Community & Volunteerism Business & Entrepreneurship Science & Technology Government & Politics   There are 25 scholarships available ($2000 each) All students under the age of 20 (as of Dec 31, 2012) are eligible to apply. To apply, visit and download an application form.
See attachment for guidelines and application form.
Indspire is a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds to deliver programs that provide the tools necessary for Indigenous peoples, especially youth to achieve their potential. Through the Indspire's education program financial support is provided to First Nations, Inuit & Metis individuals who are pursuing education and professional development.   For more information and application, please see attachments.
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This scholarship is awarded to a student, completing their graduation year of secondary education, and preparing to enter a post-secondary institution. Eligibility: -          Must be registered as a full –time student in a first-year program of a post-secondary school by September following the school year of applications -          Must provide an official document from their academic institution confirming that they are accepted for the following academic year and indicating that a diploma or degree is underway -          Must have sponsorship from an educator that knows the applicant at the same school (secondary school), and a reference letter from him/her -          Must include a motivational letter outlining your reasons for application, your goals, and relevant background -          Must provide an up-to-date transcript of their academic records. -          Must submit a resume. Value: $1000 will be awarded to one student in the Miramichi Region in the year 2012   See attachment for application information.
The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick is offering a $1,000.00 scholarship towards a degree program and a $500.00 scholarship toward a 2 year diploma program to New Brunswick High School graduates, who are the son or daughter of a New Brunswick registered agricultural producer. The candidates must be entering a program at a recognized Canadian Institution. Priority will be given to students enrolling in an agricultural program.   See attachment for application.
Value: $1000.00 Open to graduates of James M. Hill and MVHS who are going into post-secondary education that is one year or longer. The applicant must have ties to Chatham Head or the Community Centre. Primary consideration given based on financial need and secondary consideration given to academic achievement. See attachment for application form. 


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