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A $500 scholarship will be offered to a grade 12 student who is furthering their education in music studies and/or song writing with a passion for preserving natural habitats.

Background: Owen was a self-taught musician and loved singing and playing his guitar with an East coast flair. He was forever the host and had an open door to friends and family who would gather to play old Irish tunes. Owen’s life lived around music. It filled him with joy, created new friendships and was the “very best” gift he could share with all those around him. His mother was a musician, known for her East Coast fiddling and the iconic Loggieville Two Step. Ever the historian and engaged in worldly news, Owen’s songwriting came from a past he learned from, a present he lived in and a future he dreamed of. His gifts of prose and music combined to create many musical scores you may be familiar with. Owen grew up in Loggieville on the Miramichi River. His father was a salmon fisherman and his love for nature and natural landscapes, wetlands and maintaining wildlife habitats was always something he valued. This scholarship is put together in his memory by his daughters’ and siblings in hope to inspire and nurture music for the soul. The recipient of this award has shown volunteer hours to keep our shorelines clean, has an interest in song writing and sees themselves continuing to learn and share music and the health of the environment with others. Our land is so precious; To sing and dance upon it is a true blessing.


·         Completed Application

·         Graduating from Miramichi Valley High School.

·         Applicant must have contributed to keeping our shorelines clean, has an interest in song writing and sees themselves continuing to learn and share music and the health of the environment with others. Please include a ½ page write-up outlining how you meet the criteria.

Completed applications must be returned to the main office or Ms. O’Donnell by 3pm on Thursday, May 30th, 2024, for consideration. 

Posted: May 22, 2024

The Boys and Girls Club (BGC) of Miramichi is excited to announce the continuation of our Bursary program to High School graduates.


As BGC continues to grow and adapt, we believe that it is important to show our appreciation for the youth of our community who have been members of our Club.


Whether current members or former members, the recipient will have Club affiliation


With this in mind, this year’s recipients of the BGC Bursary will be selected by the Club with consideration of two criteria: 

·       Club member (current or former)

·       and financial need


BGC is proud to recognize High School Graduates by providing Bursaries to help them further their education and pursue their passions in life.


Any student interested in applying for one of these Bursaries should send us an email at asking for an application, which will be provided to them.

This award is made to a graduating Canadian secondary school student who shows exemplary academic excellence, a demonstrated passion for the welding industry, and community involvement, who is entering a full-time welding technician or welding engineering technology program with a desire to pursue a career in the industry.


Students who are currently enrolled in a secondary education program and have been accepted into a full-time welding program offered by a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Complete the online application form in its entirety.  You will require the following to do so:

  • Your current official high school transcript verification report with grade 11-12 marks highlighted (as PDF or JPG file)
  • 2 letters of reference (as PDF or Word files) from a teacher, staff member, or employer relating to your activities in welding and other courses.  
  • Proof of registration or acceptance to a post-secondary institution for a full-time welding program(as PDF or JPG file)
  • An essay (as a PDF or Word file) you have prepared (1,000 words) that includes information regarding the following weighted categories: 

Academic achievement and awards (80+ average in grade 11 and at the completion of grade 12)


Community and school involvement and accomplishments


Welding-related volunteer or work experience


The strength of essay in describing career goals and interest in a career in the industry


Strength of essay in describing personal challenges to post-secondary education


Overall essay – grammatically correct, free of errors





Deadline to apply is June 14th, 2024. Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award - CWB Welding Foundation

Posted: May 13, 2024

Application should be dropped off at the Beaubear Co-op office or mailed to:

Beaubear Co-op

100 Coughlan Street

Miramichi, N.B. E1N 5X5

Students applying for this scholarship must have one of his/her parents/guardians who are active members of the Beaubear Co-op to be eligible to apply. Please indicate the name of your parent/guardian, as well as their membership number. Name:________________________________________ Membership number: _________ Applications must be received no later than May 15th of a given year and scholarships will be awarded in June of that year.

 First Nation, Inuit and Metis students are encouraged to check out the link below as there are a number of bursaries and scholarships you may be eligible for.  Deadline is August 1, 2024

Bursaries & Scholarships | Indspire  

A bursary (amount to be determined) will be offered to a grade 12 student who meets the criteria listed below.  


·         Completed Application

·         Be a 2024 graduate of Miramichi Valley High School.

·         Applicants must be students who have shown respect to staff and students, worked diligently to the best of his/her ability, and have had great attendance over their high school years.

·         This award is not based on scholastic achievement.

·         The recipient need not be furthering their education.

·          Essay—300 Words—Stating why you feel you are deserving of this bursary.


Completed applications must be returned to the main office or Ms. O’Donnell by 3pm on Friday, May 17th, 2024, for consideration. 

Attached please find attached the application for the local scholarships & bursaries along with the criteria. Please fill out all sections of the application carefully. If you have not already handed in acceptance letters/scholarship offers for post-secondary institutions, they must be attached to the application as well. 

The M Award application is attached at the end for those students who made a significant contribution to MVHS. Please note that a 250 word essay justifying your nomination must be attached. There are paper copies available at the main office. Deadline is Friday, May 17th by 3:15pm.


Section I: Student Information

• Print clearly or type all information requested

• You must reside in New Brunswick and be a Canadian Citizen Section II: College/University Information

• Provide the name and address of the College, Trade School, Technical School, Community College or University you will be attending.

• Bursaries are awarded to students attending facilities on a full time basis.

• Post-graduate studies do not apply.

• $500.00 bursaries are awarded to successful applicants.

Section III: Financial Information

• This section must be completed Section IV: Military Service Information

• Veterans, Servicemen, etc. must have been in the Canadian or British Commonwealth Forces

NOTE: • Bursaries are awarded on a point system that is based on financial need, with special consideration given to children and grandchildren of Veterans.

• All documentation to be included - copy of letter of acceptance.

• Ensure that the application is signed in the appropriate places

• Incomplete applications will not be considered - no follow-up will be taken

• Completed applications and necessary documentation must be mailed, emailed to: or hand delivered to: BURSARY COMMITTEE MIRAMICHI BRANCH 10 THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION 3-20 FOUNTAIN HEAD LANE, MIRAMICHI, NB E1V 4A1 Please Note: If hand delivering - office hours are: Tuesday & Thursday 1-4:30 pm DEADLINE IS May 15TH - No exceptions - Postmarks do not count

Posted: May 7, 2024

OVERVIEW The Wessex Scholarship is presented annually to commemorate the visit by His Royal Highness The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex to the IWK Health Centre in November 2015. A $5,000 award, this scholarship recognizes the important role community service has played in supporting the IWK in providing exceptional care. The Wessex Scholarship is awarded to a deserving individual by the IWK Foundation.

ELIGIBILITY Eligible applicants will be graduating from an Atlantic Canadian high school and entering* a post-secondary health care degree level program at an Atlantic Canadian institution (please see Appendix A for a list of eligible programs). This scholarship focuses on the impact of community service and as such, applicants should be active participants in their community. A minimum grade average of 80 per cent is required. *Students who have applied, but have not yet been accepted into an eligible program may still apply for Wessex Scholarship and may be asked to provide proof of acceptance at time of award if chosen.

Deadline to apply is May 10th, 2024. 

Posted: May 7, 2024

Three bursaries of $1000.00 each will be awarded to three high school graduating students in the Province of New Brunswick who complete the following application and criteria meeting the bursary requirements.

The following applications MUST include the following:

·       A copy of the applicant’s conditional acceptance letter from a post-secondary institution MUST be attached.


·       A copy of the applicants Grade 12 first semester report, or the applicants last academic report MUST be attached.


·       Personal resumes and letters of references (ex; teacher, coach, employer etc) MUST be attached.


·       Proof of your community involvement & volunteer work.  WRITTEN PROOF MUST BE ATTACHED.


Deadline to apply May 10th, 2024.

Posted: May 7, 2024

The scholarship award criteria are modeled on the mission and values of Rotary and are described below:


A. Eligibility

1) Applicants must be graduating from one of the following secondary schools:

 · Miramichi Valley High School

 · North and South Esk Regional High School

 · Carrefour Beausoleil


2) Complete application (including reference letters and school transcripts) submitted before deadline (June 30th)

 3) Applicant must be a Canadian or landed Immigrant.

4) Applicant must be applying to enroll in full time post-secondary education to start in Fall term in any field of study (in Canada or elsewhere.)

 5) One Scholarship awarded annually. The value of the scholarship is $4000 CDN

 VALUE $500.00

 The applicant must be:

 Graduating from:

 ¨     Miramichi Valley High School

¨     Carrefour Beausoleil

¨     James M. Hill High School

¨     Blackville High School

¨     North and South Esk Regional

 Entering University or Community College with a preference in Social Sciences.


The following criteria will be considered:

1.     Need

2.     Involvement in the community and extra curricular activities


       Application forms are available at the guidance office of any school listed above or at the Schizophrenia Society of New Brunswick – Miramichi Chapter.



Applications must be received by May 24th, 2024



The Gerry Cormier Memorial Scholarship will consist of bursaries to be awarded annually.

 The program is exclusive to students attending James M. Hill and Miramichi Valley High Schools

 Terms & Conditions of Eligibility

1. The program offers these scholarships to a student graduating from James M. Hill or Miramichi Valley High School and entering an accredited post-secondary institution.

2. A Scholarship Committee will meet in June each year to make the selections.


3. Selection will be based on academic standing, participation in school related activities, community service, character, and financial need.


4. All decisions of the Committee will be final.

5. Payment of the award to one successful applicant will be made in the amount of $500 for each school mentioned above, upon proof of enrolment in an accredited post-secondary institution.

6. Please arrange to provide to us, separate from this application two (2) letters of reference – 1) academic 2) personal from non-relative

 All inquiries should be addressed to the Guidance Counselor.


 Mail to:      

Gerry Cormier Memorial Scholarship Committee

                379 Nelson Street

                Miramichi, NB

                E1N 6G7


Posted: May 7, 2024

Formerly called River Hoops Bursary

Value:  4 awards valued at $250 each (2 JMH graduates, 2 MVHS graduates)

Submit to Principal by:  May 17

Eligibility:       1. Successful graduation from James M. Hill Memorial High School or Miramichi Valley High School

                        2. A former registered player for the TMBA or Miramichi Hoops

                        3. Pursuing post-secondary studies

The Liz Doyle Memorial Bursary will be awarded annually to four graduating TMBA and River Hoops basketball players who best demonstrate the positive qualities inherent as an ambassador for the sport of basketball, and for our programs. 

File liz_doyle_memorial_bursary.docx183.48 KB

Posted: May 6, 2024

Lee Johnston Ltd. is offering a $500 Scholarship to a grade 12 student in good academic standing, who has been accepted into a forestry program.  Preference will be given to Forestry Students.

Applications must include:

1.      Completed Application

2.      Transcript of Marks

3.      Essay – 250 Words

Completed applications must be returned to Miramichi Valley High School Main Office by 3pm on May 17th, 2024 for consideration.  Prior to selection, applicants will have an interview with Lee Johnston.

File lee_johnston_ltd.docx14.44 KB