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Posted: October 31, 2011

Discussed the short story "I've Got Gloria". Worked on short story elements poster in groups.   The following stories have been studied so far: "Charles" "The Betrayal" focus on suspense and surprise ending "To Build a Fire"  focus on setting "Two Kinds"  focus on characterization "I've Got Gloria"  focus on character development   Next story:  "The Monkey's Paw"  conflict, foreshadowing and suspense  

Posted: October 24, 2011

Menu: Monday, October 24, 2011 1. Read 10 mins: 2. Check homework "Charles" by Shirley Jackson 3. Setting: How can setting drive a short story and create suspense and conflict? Example story: To Build a Fire by Jack London 4. Homework: Finish reading To Build a Fire and complete setting sheet.

Posted: October 24, 2011

Menu: Monday, October 24, 2011 1. Read 10 mins 2. Pass out Assignment for "Out of the Mouth of Shakespeare" Due Thursday 3. Introduction to Romeo and Juliet: Enduring Understandings about Shakespeare and Essential Questions (Carousel Activity) 4. Homework: Assignment on Shakespeare's language

Posted: October 20, 2011

Menu: Thursday October 20, 2011 1. Read 10 mins 2. Quickwrite: 3. Share summary of favourite short story 4. Intro to short stories 5. Homework: Read "Charles" and answer the questions in full sentences (8 questions).

Posted: October 19, 2011

Menu: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 1. Read 10 mins: 2. Mrs. Mac will read, "The Betrayal" by Timothy Findlay Quick write: Do you think this is an appropriate title for this story? 3. Intro to short stories 4. Homework: Write a brief summary of the favourite short story you have read to date. Why did you like it so much?

Posted: October 18, 2011

Personal Narratives were due last week Class Scrapbook Assignments (3) due October 17th   We will be starting a new unit on Short Stories tomorrow.

Posted: October 18, 2011

Major Poetry Assignments were due last week.  Some students have still not passed them in. Rehearsed Poem Presentation due Dead Poet's Society Group Work Presentation Due   We are starting a new unit tomorrow:  Shakespeare   Poetry tests were passed back last week.

Posted: October 4, 2011

Menu: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 1. Read: 10 mins 2. Mini Lesson on Sentence Fragments and Their\there\they're (Grammar Bytes) 3. Writing Workshop: Work on personal narrative Homework: 1.) Read!!!!!!!                    2.) Work on draft of personal narrative                     (Due Oct. 5th: 300-500 words: Typed with title page)                     3.) Sentence Fragment  and there/their/they're (quiz Friday)  

Posted: October 4, 2011

Menu: Tuesday October 4, 2011 1. Read 10 mins 2. Apostrophe: O Captain! My Captain Assonance: see sheet Consonance: 3. Work on poetry assignment   Homework: 1.) Continue Poetry Assignment (We are working in library tomorrow and Thursday) 2.) Read!!!!!!! 3.) Poetry Test on Friday: Figurative Language; Be able to annotate and express the meaning of the poems       Assonance: see sheet for definition e.g. 1. "Do you like blue?" 2. "Dead in the middle of little Italy, little did we know that we riddled two middle men who didn't do diddily."   Consonance: characterized by the repetition of the same consonant two or more times in short succession, as in "pitter patter" or in "all mammals named Sam are clammy".

Posted: October 3, 2011

Menu: Monday October 3, 2011 1. Read 15 mins 2. Oxymoron and Paradox: 3. Work on poetry assignment 12:45-1:05 (Period 4)   Homework: 1.) Continue Poetry Assignment (Due October 14) 2.) Read!!!!!!! 3.) Poetry Test on Friday: Figurative Language; Be able to annotate and express the meaning of the poems     The famous speaker who no one had heard of said: Ladies and jellyspoons, hobos and tramps, cross-eyed mosquitos and bow-legged ants, I stand before you to sit behind you to tell you something I know nothing about. Next Thursday, which is Good Friday, there's a Mother's Day meeting for fathers only; wear your best clothes if you haven't any. Please come if you can't; if you can, stay at home. Admission is free, pay at the door; pull up a chair and sit on the floor. It makes no difference where you sit, the man in the gallery's sure to spit. The show is over, but before you go, let me tell you a story I don't really know. One bright day in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight. (The blind man went to see fair play; the mute man went to shout "hooray!") Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other. A deaf policeman heard the noise, and came and killed the two dead boys. A paralysed donkey passing by kicked the blind man in the eye; knocked him through a nine-inch wall, into a dry ditch and drowned them all. If you don't believe this lie is true, ask the blind man; he saw it too, through a knothole in a wooden brick wall. And the man with no legs walked away.Read more:


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