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Posted: June 1, 2015

Outline: Non fiction reading: multiple choice and short answer Fiction reading: multiple choice, short answer and smaller essay on theme and connections Figurative Language: Poem: pick out the figurative language Demand Writing: Personal essay

Posted: May 19, 2015

The final copy of the Multigenre book review needs to be typed and ready to print by the end of classon Friday. Things to be included:Title page with titel of book, theme, name and dateTable of ContentsIntroduction2 text connections4 writing piecesEnd NotesWorks Cited page (everything that is not your writing needs to be cited) 

Posted: May 15, 2015

All drafts for the following must be completed for Tuesday of next week.1.  Introduction2.  4 writing pieces3.  End notes for Text connection 2 and 3  

Posted: May 11, 2015

We have started the 4 writing pieces for the Multigenre Unit.  All drafts should be done by Friday.1.  Title Page2.  Table of Contents3.  Introduction4.  Close Reading of Article and response5.  Text to text connections #2 and #36.  Writing pieces 1, 2, 3, 47.  End notes8.  Works cited page 

Posted: May 6, 2015

We are continuing with our Multigenre reading and writing unit. Due tomorrow:  Close reading of article with reflectionDue Friday:  Introduction of project (draft).  You must include the anchor text title, author, reason for chossing book, brief summary and the the theme you are focusing on and why.Due Friday:  Text connections 2 and 3 and brief reason why they connect with them and anchor text.

Posted: April 21, 2015

We have started our Multigenre Reading and Writing unit.  Students have chosen books and have started reading.  We are keeping a file on daily activities that will help lead up to the project. All sheets attached to date.

Posted: March 18, 2015

Final copy of The Outsiders essay is now due Friday.  Example of conclusion  The Outsiders reminds us that there is not just one definition for a hero and that even though life might not always be fair, that does not stop people from caring for their friends and family.  Even though the Socs appear to have a better life with their nice cars, popularity and good reputation, they will never have the love and respect that the greasers show towards one another. That is worth so much more.  The real heroes are not the fake friends or the nice cars; the real heroes are the people who you know you can count on and the people who care about you and the greasers are lucky enough to have this.   Johnny, Dally and Ponyboy are definitely proof of this, they just had to come out of "hiding" to prove it.   

Posted: March 15, 2015

Planning, intro, and three body paragraphs are due for tomorrow, Monday, March 16, 2015 Final copy is due Wednesday, March 18th

Posted: March 11, 2015

We have started the literary essay for The Outsiders.  Studehnts should have their grahic organizer filled in with planning, as well as their introductory paragraph.We will be working on the body paragraphs and incorporating quotes tomorrow. Progress to date will be checked on Friday. Essay will be due next Wednesday, March 18, 2015. See attached for example of introductory paragraph
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Posted: February 27, 2015

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