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Posted: February 21, 2014

  The following are the final rosters for varsity and junior varsity 1 girls volleyball. Thank you to all of the girls for trying out - our team of four coaches worked together to choose both teams, and you made it very difficult! Please read below for important information regarding junior varsity 2.     Senior Varsity Sydney MacDonald Rachael Carroll Kelsea English Sam Joe Lindsey Gallant Alyssa Dickinson Haley Doak Meghan Lynch Sarah Lynch Erinn Chambers Allison Hare Practice on Monday, February 24th from 3:45-5:30pm.    Junior Varsity 1  Andrea Bell  Jessie MacDonnell Bella Ward Hannah Hierlihy  Kelsey Somers Haley Somers Britney Somers Jessie Mahoney Leigha Durette Hope Mitchell Megan Coull Gabby Dube   Practice on Monday, February 24th from 4:00-6:00 pm    Junior Varsity 2 Robyn Travis  Maggie Kingston Lexie Mitchell Sara McCafferty Sarah Manderville Emily McCabe Haylie Simmons Darrah Chambers Meagan Mullin Madison Matchett Kenzie Hallihan Leanne Jardine Carlee Mitchell Lauren MacTavish Jacquelyn Tucker Kaylee Wilmot Joe Madison Sark      The following girls are asked to come to one more try out for the JV2 Team.  Time and date will be announced next week at school.  

Posted: February 13, 2014

Homework: Read chapters 6 and 7 Fill in character charts for all characters to date.

Posted: February 12, 2014

Today we did a quick write on Johnny's defense, a check in quiz for chapter 5 and we worked on 6 word memoirs. Have 4-5 Six word memoirs done for tomorrow.

Posted: February 11, 2014

Today, we finished chapter four after doing a quickwrite predicting what was going to happens. Read chapter five for homewortk and expect a check in quiz at the beginning of class.

Posted: February 10, 2014


Sun, Feb 16/14 8:00 pm

Posted: February 10, 2014

Today we finished up the "Eye Motif" assignment.  Students also passed in the critical rewading questions for chapters 1-3, which were due. Pass in the Motif assignment for tomorrow. We will be reading chapter 4 tomorrow.  Hang on, 'cause it's a good one!!!!!!!!

Posted: February 6, 2014

Today we did a quickwrite:"Things are rough all over." In chapter 2, Ponyboy and Cherry's discussion reveals that, despite different methods of coping, Socs and greasers must deal with difficulties. What are the difficulties that you deal with in your life?  Do you agree with Cherry? Explain We finished chapter 3 and looked at the characterization chart with the focus on Ponyboy. Homework:  Critical Reading questions for chapters 1-3.  Answer the six questions on looseleaf.  These are to be passed in tomorrow.

Posted: February 5, 2014

Today, we filled in a T chart comparing the greasers and the Socs.  We also discussed the slang in the novel and started chapter 3.  We will finish chapter 3 tomorrow. Continue to fill in characterization charts.

Posted: February 3, 2014

Today we discussed essential questions and read most of chapter one of The Outsiders.  We will finish the chapter in class tomorrow and begin filling out the character tracking sheet.

Posted: January 27, 2014


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