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MakerSpace Hours: Monday's 3:30 - 4:30 & Thursday's 12:30 - 1:00


We started our assembly line, we are now producing coffee mugs with custom text and logos, and also making t-shirts for the MVHS resource department.  We had a bunch of orders for coffee mugs and it always kept us with a new task each day.  With some of the images that we tried to cut, the turned out bad, so we had to work in the software to try and make the image work.  Everyday was essentially someone peel vinyl, someone press the vinyl onto whatever surface, and someone cut the vinyl.  We had many satified customers.  We are making low price products that are very customizable, and it's getting popular.  We've had many different people aproach us because they liked what we are doing. 




-This week in the Makerspace we worked on the 2016 MVHS Drag Team Logo, the original image wouldn't work with our vnyl cutting software because of the glare that was on the pistons on the original image.  We went to Mr. Whalen for help, he used Adobe Illistrator to re-create the image in a monochrome version of the image so it would work when we went to cut it, but we decided to change the logo to a Cragar wheel on a Radial T/A tire and 2016 MVHS Drag Team written in white letters on the tire.  We also tested a few different heat transfer prints and tried them on coffee mugs.  We found out that we needed to keep the pressure and heat on the coffee (suramic) mug for 60 seconds at the temperature of 305 degrees celcius to keep the image from peeling off in the dishwasher.  After we found that out, Mr. Whalen asked us to put three different images on three different mugs, so we did.  We are almost to the point of making this into a assembly line.  

For our first couple weeks of the second project, we had to learn how to use our latest piece of technology, the heat press.  So we went on the internet and rescearched the technology on how to set it up for different materials.  We looked up the settings for our vinyl cutter because the heat transfer vinyl is a different thickness that the standard vinyl that we normally use, so we had to set it up differently.  Once we figured out everything, we tested it on a couple hats, a t-shirt and a coffee mug.  


- Images

Posted: November 9, 2016

-  use the guide from the Brilliant Labs SuperPower Challenge to help you develop you own Business Model for project #2.

-  use the key points and questions for developing your own idea.

-  use relevant websites to research your venture. 

-  I have attached a Word document with the headings of each of the sections.

-  save this file to a USB or H drive and begin working on the details.

***This will be due next week...successful ventures involve lots of planning!

See attached rubrics for each of the elements required for project #1.  Powerpoint/Prezi and summary video are both due on my desktop Monday, November 7th...earlier would be great!  Presentations will happen during class on Monday so be prepared to present.  You will be evaluated by myself, a few guests and your peers.

During the past week we worked on our Beatles guitar project.  On Monday we went over to NBCC to listen to Alex MacLean talk about the bussiness aspect of his ever growing company known as East Coast Lifestyle (and also West Coast Lifestyle).  He spoke about a small school project turned into a bussiness.  He started by selling 30 sweaters to his friends and family, and people started noticing the sweaters and wanted them, so he asked his dad for $800 and started selling them out of his front yard in Halifax.  Alex also talked about the power of social media with upcoming bussinesses.  When we got back from NBCC, I started working on other protypes for the pickguard for the guitar we are painting. (images).  From Tuesday until Thursday we continued working on prototypes using Tinkercad, and we 3D printed the signature that hasn't been working properly for us at all.  I think we are at the point to try etching down instead of up because it keeps turning out messy and seems to want to break off.  Friday we went to the lecture theatre to listen to the Kinsmen club of Canada talk aboput volenteer work.

Posted: October 24, 2016

See attached assignment for details and instructions.  This assignment is due on Friday and you must send the .stl file to  If you finish early...send it along as I will begin to print them.

PDF icon assignment_-_tinkercad.pdf214.7 KB

During the past week and a half, we started working on painting a guitar that we are going to put the union jack on along with a pickguard that we are going to 3D print that has the John Lennon signature and face on it.  We wore off the shine on the body of the guitar to help the primer stick to the guitar.  The primer was very thick and hard to work with, and it bubbled a bit, so we sanded it back down, and to this point we have the first base coat on, but it was very windy when we sprayed it outside, but it seems to be looking good to this point, and the pickguard is almost finalized.  It was my first time using tinkercad so it's all a learning expirence.


For this week in the makerspace, we finally started working with the different technologies. 

Monday, we were shown tips on using the older vinyl cutter, and working with vinyl it's self.  Devon and I made a few stickers for our selves. 

Tuesday we started rescearching into airbrushing and designs for airbrushing an acoustic guitar inspired by John Prine.  We also helped to transfer vinyl on signs for above the doors around the school. 

Wednesday we were shown tips on using Windows Movie Maker. 

Thursday we were set the task of creating a video to promote our school football team using Windows Movie Maker. 

Friday, our task was to complete this journal.

We did not have to troubleshoot any problems with any technology yet.

Posted: September 28, 2016

The following components must be included (look at the scoring rubric)…

o    Summarize what tasks were completed this week in the MakerSpace

o    Reflect upon these tasks and discuss and issues/troubleshooting completed.

o    Upload pictures and/or video that shows your progress.

o    Make sure to save journal in your static page and make links to any media. 

o    Grammar and spelling will be marked so proof read your journal entries!

Posted: September 28, 2016

See attached assignment for details on your task.  The following websites will provide copyright free music...

Here is the link to the Google Drive where the files are located...




PDF icon assignment_-_movie_maker.pdf199.08 KB

Posted: September 22, 2016

Answer the following questions for Journal Entry #2...

o    What is a MakerSpace?

o    What technology did you find most interesting and why?

o    What is your project idea?

o    What is your first task when we start working in the lab on Monday?

 When the journal is finished…

1)  Make sure Project Proposal and a picture is linked in Journal #1

2)  Finish safety modules

3)  Further research your project

Posted: September 12, 2016

Construct a zipline ping-pong carrier to go down a 4 foot zipline with a 2 foot drop in exactly 4 seconds.

PDF icon period_4_-_sept._12.pdf754.4 KB

Check out the lesson for details and notes!

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