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Posted: February 17, 2014

Posted: February 17, 2014

Check out the program for the show...
Be sure to check out this event on May 24 and May 25...
Even though the retention of striped bass has ended on May 15th...still take advantage of the recreational hook and release season.  Great action and a lot of fun!!!
Fly Fishing ShowThis week we brought in our gear to work on the reel, fly line and leader.  We practiced our knots and discussed the plans for the May 24/25 (Fly Fishing & Sportsman Show) and May 31/June 1 (Youth Fly Fishing Forum) events.  Reminder that registrations are due to Mr. Hallihan by Friday, May 17th!!!
May 24 & 25This week we discussed the two big events that are happening at the end of month...1)  Miramichi Fly Fishing and Sportsman Show (May 24/25) AND 2) Youth Fly Fishing Forum (May 31/June 1).  The Fly Fishing Club will be involved with both of these events.  Be sure to let Mr. Hallihan know if you can't be involved on any of these dates.  We are looking for club members to work a fly tying booth and a fly casting booth for the show.  We also discussed the gear needed for the June 1 fishing trip.  Be sure to let Mr. Hallihan know if you are in need of certain gear.   

Posted: May 8, 2013

Be sure to send me your pictures so we can post them online...The bass action is heating up and we are beginning to get into some trout too!
2 and 10Last week we were out on the rugby field practing our casting techniques. 


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