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What a great weekend for weather and no better way to spend it - on the water!  My daughter Lainey and her cousin K.C. enjoyed playing a salmon and trout. 

Posted: April 28, 2013

Thanks to everyone who supported our 'Tight Lines in 2013'.  We are now investing in some new gear that will put to use in the upcoming season.  Here are the winners... 1st Place (Redington Rod/Reel with Rio Line and a case) - Pam Miller 2nd Place (Pfleuger Reel/Cortland Line) - Melissa McQuaid 3rd Place (Fishing Vest) -  Buddy O'Toole  
Fly Fishing ShowThis week we worked on mastering the blood and turle knots.  We also watched a video on fly fishing techniques that focused on casting and knot tying.  Reminder that we will now meet regularly on Tuesday' week we hope to get outside to do some casting so bring your rod/reel if you have one.  Check out the details on the upcoming Fly Fishing Show in Miramichi at the Curling Club on May 24 & 25.  Lots of great exhibits and opportunities to learn all things salmon fishing...hope to see everyone there!!!
Time For CastingThis past Thursday we discussed the design of a fly rod and a fly line.  We checked out the video from Temple Fork Outfitters on the Office Rods that we recently purchased.  Lefty Kreh gives some instruction on casting.  Here is the video... went up into the Mez and tried to put the theory into action with our practice rods.  We plan to meet next week on Wednesday.  Reminder to pay your club fee by next week.

Posted: April 20, 2013

Chris Leger from the MHSF will be visiting the club to discuss their organization and his personal experiences with trout and salmon fishing. Chris recently presented at the Dieppe Fly Fishing Forum in Moncton...he has an awesome presentation on both the biology and recreation of trout fishing. He is bringing his gear and plans to ty some trout patterns.  Check out their website...
Turle KnotA few weeks back we tied some #2 flies where each student picked a pattern of their choice to be put in this year's shadow box.  Now we will take a break from fly tying and we have started some fly fishing activities.  This past Wednesday we worked on both the blood knot and turle knot.  Check out the following videos to practice them... Turle Knot: Blood Knot:    
Bonnie Wright from FISH FRIENDS stop by the club a couple weeks ago and she tied a green butt bear hair...check it out!
Thanks to Jacques Heroux and the Dieppe Fly Fishing Club for providing us an opportunity to promote our fly fishing club.  Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by the was a great weekend. 

Posted: March 16, 2013

'Man at the Mouth' - Blackville Fly Tiers Interview George Routledge

We decided to borrow this video link from the Blackville Middle School Fly Fishing Club.  Check out the awesome interview with George Routledge of George's Fly Shop in Renous.  George is a strong supporter of the MVHS Fly Fishing Club.  George has been quite sick lately so let's keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted: March 15, 2013

This weekend we will be part of the Dieppe Fly Fishing Forum at the Moncton sure to check us out!


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