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This week Jason did some further practice with tying our common knots...the turle, the clinch, the blood and the nail.  I worked with those students who will be leading some fly tying lessons this Friday at the Rotary Youth Conference that is being hosted in Miramichi.  Next week we are practicing our fly casting techniques outside on the rugby field.  We are also planning to have instruction on how to cast a spey rod.  Be sure to check it out!
Kyle Ross went to Central America on a recent vacation and here is his fishing report with some pictures..."I went fly fishing when I went on a trip to Belize with my grandmother. It was just me and my guide Armondo, and I fished the flats for the first time. The fishing down there is much more...

Posted: April 24, 2012

This past weekend Jacob Smith landed his first grilse of the season on a Black Ghost that he tied this year with the Fly Fishing Club.  Any other member who tighten up and land a fish are encouraged to take a picture/video so we can post it. 
All about the clock...Last Tuesday we went out on the rugby field to practice our casting techniques.  We did the...1) single haul  2) false cast  3)  looping  and 4)  double haul.  We are hoping (weather permitting) to get back out to work on these techniques again and possibly learn how to cast a spey rod.  Reminder that the club fee is due before our next meeting...
Thanks goes out to Doug Underhill for sharing his book and fishing stories with the club.  Anyone interested in purchasing the book can make arrangements with Mr. Hallihan.
Last night Doug Underhill stopped by to discuss his new book (Salmon Country), his website and share some of his fishing stories.  Jason Curtis and Tony Svarc were also on hand to add to the discussion.  Be sure to check out Doug's website and sign up for his weekly fishing reports... We are planning to meet regularly on Tuesday after school.  The 2012 fishing season officially opens this Sunday...tight lines!
Turle Knot At this session we looked into the equipment used when Atlantic Salmon fishing with a focus on knot tying.  The two knots that we practiced were: 1)  the turle knot and 2) the blood knot.  Check out the links below for practicing these knots.  Reminder that the club fee is due by April 15 and those students who are able to help with the fly tying lessons at the Rotary Youth Conference on April 27th must let Mr. Hallihan know by the end of the week.   BLOOD KNOT:    ALL KNOTS:   TURLE KNOT:
Here are some pics from our recent trip to the Eel Ground Fly Fishing Show...great experience!
Eel Ground Fly Fishing ShowLast Friday, the MVHS Fly Fishing Club traveled to Eel Ground to take part in their Fly Fishing Forum.  The club members involved included:  Avery Gilks, Brandon McKay, Adam Travis, Micaela Hachey, Carly Russell, Dylan Ward, Natalie Whitney and Stephen Miller.  We tied lots of flies, taught younger students, learned from some local tiers, checked out the middle school students from the Blackville Fishing Club and promoted all things Atlantic Salmon Fishing.  MVHS and Blackville Fly Tiers are also planning to be involved with the Rotary Youth Forum on April 27th.  Thanks goes out to Mr. John Hawkes for inviting us!  Great experience for all those involved!

Posted: March 28, 2012

MVHS Fly Fishing Club: Pulamoo Pin The club had a meeting yeasterday after school to discuss the upcoming season.  We had a great turnout of close to 20 interested students and we are hoping more will check us out next week.  We have decided to meet weekly on Tuesday after school and we have a number of activities planned this year.  Some of the highlights will include...   -  the usual:  knot tying, equipping your rod, rules & regulations, biology/anatomy of Atlantic Salmon and casting techniques. -  guest speakers:  local author Doug Underhill, Geoff Giffin from the Atlantic Salmon Association, local DNR/DFO officers -  activities:  spey casting with local guide Jason Curtis, canoe/poling with Paul McKinnon, casting techniques with NSER club -  field trip:  Doaktown Salmon Museum -  FISHING TRIPS:  spring salmon fishing, June 4 on the Northwest, July on Main Southwest, Cains River???, Restigouche??? All those interested in joining are encouraged to come out to our next meeting on Tuesday, April 3 after school in Mr. Hallihan's classroom.  We are planning to ty some knots (equipment will be provided but feel free to bring your own gear to equip your rod/reel for the upcoming season).  


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