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Foundations of Math 11 & Intro. to Environmental Science 120


We checked out Zach's video on the salmon scale lab and Sereena's DIY lab presentation...both have been posted.  Today we discussed the structure of the river and the factors that influence fish migration.  Be sure to get the 4 classifications of water currents found in a river.  Included rubric being used to mark your research paper...HOMEWORK:  In computer lab tomorrow so bring materials to work on research paper/eco-point activities
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Posted: May 15, 2014

Thanks to Sereena for sharing this 'Do-It'Yourself' lab...the edible water bottle.  Be sure to check out her video link in the end...
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Reviewed notes that were given on Friday.  Also discussed presentation done in Ocean Science on Atlantic Salmon:  Life Cycle, Anatomy, Adaptations and Populations.  Be sure to check it out! Discussed the idea of Stewardship and its value to the environment.HOMEWORK:  Work on paper & eco-points
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We discussed the background information on the lab.  In the lab, we looked at two different scales and tried to age the fish.  Be sure to do PART B of the lab!Homework:  Part B due at beginning of class
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Posted: May 12, 2014

Continued working on research paper and eco-point activities.  Presentation groups were also announced.  Groups interested in doing a lesson at an elementary school were formed...will take place the week of June 2 - 5th. Reminder of upcoming deadlines... May 20th - Research paper is due May 26th - Presentations will begin June 2 - Ecopoint inventories are due
Notes were given on both of these topics...get a copy.  Be sure to understand the notes!  We also watch a is in the lesson.  Shows the Restigouche and Miramichi rivers.  Be ready to discuss how they differ from each other.HOMEWORK:  Eco-points?  Research Paper?  Deadlines are near...
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We discussed our homework exercise on predation and the stage of growth for Atlantic Salmon.  Also discussed the Striped Bass and a PowerPoint on Freshwater Fish (included in the lesson). 
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Posted: May 7, 2014

We worked on research paper and/or eco-point activities...  Important deadline:  May 20th - Research Paper is due May 26th - Presentations will begin June 2 - Eco-point Inventories are due
Today we discussed the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon.  We passed out a poster that displays this life cycle and also watched a video that descibes the stages...check it out - will be posted.  Looked at the various poster displays in the classroom and discussed species around the river system.  HOMEWORK:  Predator game exercise (slide found in the lesson) NOTE:  We will be in the computer lab tomorrow so be sure to bring materials for research paper/eco-point activties!
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Many thanks to Tony for doing his presentation today to us and Mr. Watters' OP class.  Very informative...if your were absent, be sure to check it out.  He is willing to share this with us so I am uploading in today's lesson.  May be of use for your research paper/presentation.REMINDER...  We will be leaving at 11:45 (at main entrance) on Monday to participate in the Kelt Tagging Study done by ASF/MSA in Red Bank.  Make sure you dress for the weather and bring technology to take pictures/videos.  We plan to be back for period 6.

Posted: April 29, 2014

Wrote unit 2 test today...HOMEWORK:  Bring materials to work on research paper and/or ecopoint activities (in computer lab tomorrow)
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Discussed where to find solutions to the review and passed out crossword review.  Intro. to Unit 3...check out images and videos.HOMEWORK:  Unit 2 test tomorrow***Bring research project materials and/or ecopoint activities for computer lab.
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Posted: April 25, 2014

We will write the unit test on Tuesday...if you want the review crossword see the previous post.
I have attached the review given in class, the review crossword that will be given on Friday, the solutions to the review and solutions to the review crossword.
Check out this lesson to get the review and watch the intro videos to our theme unit...Fisheries: Watersheds & Atlantic Salmon!I will post crossword and solutions to the review.HOMEWORK:  Unit 2 Test on MONDAY!
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