Mr. Hallihan Notes

Foundations of Math 11 & Intro. to Environmental Science 120


We went to the lab to work with salmon scales.  You must pass in PART B of the lab along with the predators worksheet given on Monday.  Both are due on Tuesday, May 21st.  I have attached the lab...
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We participated in the MVHS Mini Pow-wow...great experience!
Today we were in the computer lab working on the research paper and/or presentation and/or eco-challenge activities.  Groups have been decided... Group #1 (Aquaculture):  Emily, Emma, Kaitlyn, Kathleen Group #2 (Protection):  Randi, Kathryn, Tyler Group #3 (Populations):  Patrick, Brett, Bronson Group #4 (Negative Influences):  Julia, Jennifer, Sean Group #5 (Industry): Jonathon, Jamie, William REMINDER THAT ALL REGISTRATION FORMS (May 31 and June 1) ARE DUE ON FRIDAY!!!
Many thanks to Rick Cunjak for stopping by and giving an informative presentation on his research projects.  Be sure to check out his websites and take advantage of his invite to visit their research facility at Catamaran Brook on the Little Southwest Miramichi River.  Here is his website and contact information... Reminder that we are in the humanities computer lab tomorrow to work on research paper and/or eco-challenge activities.  Those students going to Gretna Green to work with a class are to be back by the end of IS tomorrow.  
We discussed the following:  temperature/water level affects on a river; helping fish stocks;  salmon migration and predators.  Check out the lesson for teh details... HW:  Complete the Predator activity
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We discussed the upcoming events on May 31 and June 1.  Check out the attached documents and registration forms, which are due next Friday, May 17.  Rest of class was in the gym with a MADD presentation.
Many thanks to Linwood Dunham and Kathryn Allain from NBCC MIramichi for giving a presentation on their Environmental Technology program.  Check out their website and be sure to contact them if you have any further questions...
Today we were in the computer working response, eco-challenge activties or research paper.  Reminder that the blog response is due today so be sure to leave your comment.  MSA letter on striped bass is now an eco-challenge opportunity...10 points. HW:  Blog Response
Many thanks to Chris Leger from the Miramichi Headwaters Salmon Federation for giving a presentation on Sea-Run Brook Trout.  Very informative and interesting.  Check out their organization online and on Facebook... REMINDER THAT THE BLOG ENTRY IS DUE ON WEDNESDAY!!!  Be sure to post your eco-challenge activities on the blog and record them in your inventory. 
What a great day!  We were watched science in action with the MSA and ASF biologists on the Northwest Miramichi.  We were able to see 4 salmon get tagged and released.  We also did some recreational fishing with spincast and fly rods.  More importantly - any day on the water is a day well spent.  Here are the websites to the two organizations for those who want to further inquire about today's event... MSA: ASF:  
Today we were in the computer working on your research paper and/or eco-challenge activties.  Be sure to post a picture of the Miramichi River to be included in Sean's collage for our new blog.  Also, make sure to read the arcticle and answer the two given questions in the article section of the blog.  Reminder that we are going on the field trip to Red Bank to do the Kelt Study with MSA/ASF...come prepared for the weather and the event. HW:  Respond to article in the blog and be prepared for the Kelt Study.

Posted: April 30, 2013

Many thanks to Craig Duplessie from District Office, who helped us out with our new 'Environmental Science Blog'.  We logged into the website, changed our password, updated our profile, left a reply and developed a post with an image and a link.  For those of you who are into APPS, you can download it.  If you were absent today be sure to see me for your login information and a quick overview of the site.  Here is the address and you will also see the button on the homepage...   HW:  Reminder that we are in the computer lab on eco'challenge activities and/or research paper.

Posted: April 29, 2013

We discussed the rubrics for both the paper and the presentation.  Then, we looked at a powerpoint of the Atlantic Salmon:  life cycle, adaptions and population.  Check out the notes for the powerpoint slides and be sure to get a copy of the rubrics if you missed today's class...
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Posted: April 26, 2013

Today we were in the library either working on your research paper and/or eco-challenge activities.  HW:  Library plan due Monday
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Posted: April 25, 2013

Today we discussed the characteristics of a river.  We discussed the Miramichi watershed and the tributaries that flow into it.  We also looked at the special features of a river like:  riffles, undercuts, eddies and pools.  Check out the notes for more details on the lesson...HW:  We are in the library tomorrow some come prepare to work on either the research paper and/or eco-challenge activities.
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