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Foundations of Math 11 & Intro. to Environmental Science 120


Posted: April 26, 2013

Today we were in the library either working on your research paper and/or eco-challenge activities.  HW:  Library plan due Monday
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Posted: April 25, 2013

Today we discussed the characteristics of a river.  We discussed the Miramichi watershed and the tributaries that flow into it.  We also looked at the special features of a river like:  riffles, undercuts, eddies and pools.  Check out the notes for more details on the lesson...HW:  We are in the library tomorrow some come prepare to work on either the research paper and/or eco-challenge activities.
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Posted: April 24, 2013

We watched a video on how the salmon are important to us in Miramichi.  Then, we focused on the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon.  Check out the notes on the cycle and the anatomy...
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Posted: April 23, 2013

I gave back the test and went over the solutions.  We are now into the third unit...Ecology of the Miramichi Watershed with a Focus on the Atlantic Salmon!  Gave an intro. lesson on the species and watched some videos - check them out!  During IS we had Mark Hambrook from MSA give a presentation on their organization and their field studies.  I have included his presentation and you can also find it under 'documents' for your reference.  Many thanks to Mark and we look forward to being a part of the Kelt study on May 6th.
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Posted: April 22, 2013

Today we had Tony Vanbuskirk in from Fornebu Lumber Woodlands to give a presentation on 'Wildlife Habitat and Conservation'.  We hope to have his presentation online at some point so you can review and apply the information to your research topics.  You check out his companies website... are marked and I have updated the mark online.  We plan to have Mark Hambrook from the MSA in tomorrow during Independent Study to chat about their organization and our upcoming field research activity on May 6.HW:  Work on Eco-challenge activities

Posted: April 18, 2013

Test on Unit 2...Sustainable Development.  Be sure to invest some time on your research paper and eco-challenge activities.  These will be our focus until the end of the year as Unit 3 is our theme...Ecology of the Miramichi Watershed with a focus on the Atlantic Salmon!

Posted: April 17, 2013

REVIEW TIME...we discussed answers to the review and worked on understanding the concepts.  Link to solutions provided in the lesson along with solutions for questions #16 - 18. HW:  Test is tomorrow!
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Posted: April 17, 2013

Here are the solutions to the review... HW:  Unit Test on Thursday
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Posted: April 17, 2013

Today we watched 'Chernobyll Heart' and began to review for the test on Thursday. 
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Posted: April 12, 2013

We started class by listening to the lyrics of Steve Earle's Gulf of Mexico...then we discussed how music express opinions on environmental issues.  We related this back to how we can interupt natural cycles.  We then watched the video on Fukoshima and listed 10 facts from the video. HW:  Prepare for upcoming test and work on eco-activities
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Posted: April 11, 2013

Today we discussed yesterday's presentation and continued on with the notes on Endangered Species.  We are planning to look at a video on "Fukoshima" tomorrow with a follow-up discussion on how we can disrupt natural cycles.  That finished the content for unit 2... HW:  Read back over notes on the unit
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Posted: April 10, 2013

Many thanks to Tim Humes for stopping by to give a presentation on Canoe/Kayak NB with a focus on water trails (portages) throughout New Brunswick.  Check out the groups he is involved with...  and     

Posted: April 9, 2013

We followed up the scavenger hunt activity with a discussion of the people, groups and policies...  We started discussing how we disturb natural cycles and ecosystems.  Will continue this discussion with a video on Thursday.  Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker - Tim Humes, President of Canoe/Kayak NB.  
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Posted: April 8, 2013

We went to the library to do a scanger hunt for people, groups and policies.  Here is the lesson with the word document (download and use).  Eco-point opportunity in the lesson too!HW:  Finish scavenger hunt
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Posted: April 5, 2013

We corrected the nitrogen cycle exercise and discussed the details.  We also checked out the animations for both phosphorus and nitrogen cycles (links are in the lesson).  Be sure to review over the 4 cycles (water, carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen).  HW:  Work on eco-challenge points
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