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Posted: September 8, 2014

English 10 - Today you were given your first Article of the Week.  Be sure to complete it by Friday!
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Posted: September 4, 2014

English 10 - The students were given time to find SSR books today.  Please make sure that your book is ready to go for tomorrow!

Posted: September 3, 2014

Welcome back!  We had a great first day.  Below you will see the course outlines.English 10: Be sure to finish your interestalyzers for tomorrow.Writing 110: Complete the writing inventories and hand them in.
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Posted: May 22, 2014

A reminder that Article of the Week #6 is due tomorrow. Also, students received reading comprehension questions on "The Highwayman" today.  These are due on Monday.
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Posted: May 7, 2014

We have finished reading Romeo and Juliet and are now watching the Bazz Luhrmann version of the film.  On Friday, students will receive a review sheet for the test, which will be on Wednesday. On Monday, Adam Hayward will be speaking to all of our grade 10 English students about his experiences in Rwanda, with a particular emphasis on reconciliation.  The students are looking forward to this as we have been analyzing connections between reconciliation in Rwanda and the play.  On Tuesday, we will do a follow-up activity to Mr.Hayward's presentation.

Posted: April 25, 2014

I am extending the due date of the creative extension until Wednesday as many students were unable to get their bookbags after the fire this morning.

Posted: April 24, 2014

We have finished Act 3 of the play so make sure that you catch up with your reading if you were absent.  We are beginning to incorporate more lessons related to reconciliation in Rwanda.  So far, this has been an eye-opening journey for our students, who knew very little about the Rwandan genocide.  We are making interesting connections between Romeo and Juliet and the reconciliation process in Rwanda.  If you missed today's class, or you would like to know more about the genocide, visit some of the web links that I've uploaded. Your next creative extension is due on Monday!

Posted: April 7, 2014

Today I collected the balcony scene assignments.  Don't forget that your first creative extension is due on Wednesday.  Also, we read Act 2 Scene 3 today and began a group character web activity.

Posted: April 3, 2014

Today we compared two film versions of the balcony scene.  Using a graphic organizer, analyze the similarities and differences between both versions and write a half page response (the assignment is attached).  You will find online versions of the scenes in the web links section of my website.  This is due on Monday. Don't forget that your first creative extension is due next Wednesday.
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Posted: April 2, 2014

Homework Assignments: The first creative extension is now due Wednesday, April 9th.  I collected Article of the Week #4 today. Our Place in the Play: We have now read up to the end of Act 2. Scene 2.

Posted: March 27, 2014

As you know, our marks are due Monday morning at 8:00am.  Therefore, any late assignments MUST be handed in to me tomorrow (Friday) if they are to be included on the report card.  Please be aware that I will not be accepting any late assignments after tomorrow.

Posted: March 27, 2014

Well, I've had lots of time to get some marking done.  All essays will be handed back tomorrow.  Hopefully, you have been getting some work done as well!  Articles of the Week are still due tomorrow!

Posted: February 21, 2014

The following are the final rosters for varsity and junior varsity 1 girls volleyball. Thank you to all of the girls for trying out - our team of four coaches worked together to choose both teams, and you made it very difficult! Please read below for important information regarding junior varsity 2. Senior Varsity Sydney MacDonald Rachael Carroll Kelsea English Sam Joe Lindsey Gallant Alyssa Dickinson Haley Doak Meghan Lynch Sarah Lynch Erinn Chambers Allison Hare Practice on Monday, February 24th from 3:45-5:30pm.   Junior Varsity 1  Andrea Bell Jessie MacDonnell Bella Ward Hannah Hierlihy  Kelsey Somers Haley Somers Britney Somers Jessie Mahoney Leigha Durette Hope Mitchell Megan Coull Gabby Dube   Practice on Monday, February 24th from 4:00-6:00 pm    Junior Varsity 2  The following girls are asked to come to one more try out for the JV2 Team.  Time and date will be announced next week at school.   Robyn Travis Maggie Kingston Lexie Mitchell Sara McCafferty Sarah Manderville Emily McCabe Haylie Simmons Darrah Chambers Meagan Mullin Madison Matchett Kenzie Hallihan Leanne Jardine Carlee Mitchell Lauren MacTavish Jacquelyn Tucker Kaylee Wilmot Joe Madison Sark  

Posted: February 21, 2014

English 10 - Leads are due on Monday!

Posted: February 19, 2014

English 10 - We have been moving along well with our research essay unit.  It is definitely one of the most challenging tasks these students have done so far in language arts.  We are currently finishing up the prewriting phases.  The students have essay outlines due tomorrow.  Today, we focused on paraphrasing and the students completed an activity that developed their skills in this area.  Tomorrow we will speak about leads and the students will begin to write their essays.