Ms. Kelly

Language Arts 9

Posted: September 13, 2013

Article of the Week Today your Article of the Week was due. If you haven't completed it, please pass it in on Monday.   Personal Essay Mentor Text We are continuing to look at mentor texts of personal essays,and today you read "A Senseless Death in Our Age of Anger." I asked you to look for the following things in the essay, and have your annotated essay with you on Monday: -the author's style -persuasive techniques -interesting words/phrases  
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Posted: September 10, 2013

Colours of Conviction Assignment: due Thursday (started in class today) Article of the Week: due Friday (annotated close reading and attached response).

Posted: September 9, 2013

Reminders:You should have your Writer's Notebooks organized into 5 sections by now. If you've been writing your Quick Writes on loose leaf, just fold the papers and put them in your notebook.We will have a library orientation during tomorrow's class, so starting Wednesday, you must have a book to read for SSR.Homework (for Wednesday):Bring in photographs for possible snapshot moments, or a list of potential snapshot moment topics.

Posted: September 4, 2013

Today we reviewed the course outline and course expectations. Please be prepared on Friday with a Writer's Notebook and a novel for SSR.
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Posted: September 4, 2013

Today you received the Language Arts 9 course outline and I reviewed the course expectations and materials covered. Please have your hardcover Writer's Notebook with you on Friday as well as a novel for SSR.