Ms. Kelly

Language Arts 9

Posted: February 2, 2015

Reading Like a Writer: student sample essay On the sample student essay you chose on Friday, do a close reading, looking for the following things:  1. Organizational strategies 2. Persuasive technique3. Evidence to support the arguments4. Questions/Comments Due: Tuesday, February 3

Posted: January 19, 2015

To view the class To Kill a Mockingbird documentary project, follow this link:
The English Language Proficiency Assessment is on Tuesday, January 13 and Wednesday, January 14.   A few reminders: -you can prepare for the assessment by studying the figures of speech and literary devices -be on time on Tuesday and Wednesday, and call the school if you are sick -have a pencil (or two, or three) with you on Tuesday morning, and pens/pencils for the afternoon and Wednesday.  

Posted: January 6, 2015

The test on To Kill a Mockingbird will be on Wednesday, January 7th.

Posted: December 15, 2014

Your To Kill a Mockingbird test will be on Thursday, December 18. A review sheet was passed out today, so be sure to know the answers to the study questions and be able to identify the speaker, context and significance for each quotation on the sheet. The written connection for the documentary project was due today (MLA format with a Works Cited page)

Posted: December 8, 2014

Due tomorrow: essay introduction. Don't forget to include a hook, claim (brief summary of your three main points), and a thesis statement (sums up your argument). Missed a step in the essay writing process? See the last post for Grade 9 Language Arts.

Posted: December 5, 2014

Satire and Persuasion We have looked at various types of satire over the past two weeks, and have analysed writing for both persuasive and satirical techniques. Your task now is to write a persuasive essay that is satirical. So far, we have chosen topics, filled out a position/support web to organize our arguments, and found ways to make the essay persuasive and satirical. Drafting the essay will begin on Monday, and the final essay will be due on Thursday, December 11.

Posted: November 24, 2014

Energy Drink advertisements/labels are due tomorrow. Don't forget to attach a paragraph defending your choices (ie. warning label, product design, etc). Parts of Speech quiz is on Wednesday.

Posted: November 17, 2014

To Kill a Mockingbird Article of the Week #2 ("Nova Scotia Burning" and "Mississippi of the North: Is this title deserved?") is due on Thursday, November 20.

Posted: November 7, 2014

Remembrance Day contest submissions (literary or poster) are due on Friday, November 14.   For the contest criteria, see: